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October 14-15

Camp B.E.T.A. is an overnight camp for youth ages 8-14 with diabetes. Opportunities are available for counselors-in-training, ages 15-17, who have diabetes.  

Campers will enjoy an evening hayride, a campfire program and sleeping in our cabins.  On Sunday, they will have fun fishing in our "Donut Pond," enjoy a hike along our Rocky Ledges Trail, arts and crafts, and all sorts of other outdoor activities.

Parents will be involved on Sunday with breakout sessions and informational seminars about diabetes.  Registered nurses and counselors will be available when campers are present. 

 FishingHow did Camp BETA get its name?

The primary function of a beta cell is to store and release insulin. Insulin is a hormone that brings about effects which reduce blood glucose concentration.  Beta cells can respond quickly to spikes in blood glucose concentrations by secreting some of their stored insulin while simultaneously producing more.

Believe in Yourself
Diabetes can be managed better with a positive attitude.
Empower Yourself
You are in control, not diabetes.
Be willing to ask for help and communicate with the right people about your needs.
Take action to help your body by being proactive, eating healthy and taking your medications.  

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