Canoeing and Kayaking

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What is it?

Canoeing is the oldest and most basic form of water transportation and is a great way to experience the waterways of Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri.  Touch of Nature has a fleet of over 40 canoes and we are able to put over 80 people onto the water. We also have a small fleet of kayaks available, too! 

Why should you do it?

Step back in time and travel as did the Native Americans and the Voyageurs of the Canadian Northwest.  Canoeing is a great way for groups to collectively explore 1,200 acre Little Grassy Lake, which borders Touch of Nature and is one of the cleanest lakes in Illinois.  Canoeing also helps participants develop technical skills, interpersonal communication skills and group expedition skills while they work together to navigate, explore and learn about the aquatic environment. 

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