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Pamper Pole

pamper pole

What is it?

Our pamper pole is a 30 foot tall telephone pole with a big red ball dangling 8 feet away from the top of the pole. Participants will be harnessed up and put on belay before they begin their ascent to the top of the pole, in hopes to stand on the very top and jump out and hit the ball. 

Why should you do it?

The pamper pole is one of the most intimidating elements in our adventure education toolkit.  Getting its name from the brand of diapers that some participants may have wished they had worn, the pamper pole pushes people outside of their comfort zones.  The pamper pole is a great activity for all ages, and is an incredible way for groups to build self-confidence and trust while setting goals that challenge each participant physically, emotionally and socially.

Milk Crate Climbing

milk crate climb

What is it?

Milk Crate Climbing is a great activity for all ages.  The objective is to stack as many upside-down plastic milk crates as possible and use this stack to ascend as high as possible. Climbers stack the crates one-by-one and climb the stack by placing their feet in the handle holes of the milk crates. The challenge is to place the next crate and transfer footings without losing one’s balance and knocking the stack over.

Why should you do it?

Milk Crate Climbing is a fun and great way to build confidence, physical fitness, concentration and trust, as well as improve problem-solving techniques and awareness- all in a safe learning environment. Participants will be encouraged to set goals, cheer on others to reach their goals and reflect on their own experience and how it can transfer to their everyday lives.

For specific details on pricing please contact Erik Oberg at 618/453-3945 or by email at eriko@siu.edu.  


Here's a video of the pamper pole.