High Ropes Course

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Francis Parker 2018

High ropes

What is it?

Our high ropes course is three stories tall, with elements starting at 20 feet and reaching nearly 40 feet tall. It is a series of 11 obstacles that stretch between telephone poles securely anchored to the ground, and is also home to a 30 foot tall zip line that stretches over 100 yards. Participants are outfitted with all equipment necessary to safely participate – helmets and harnesses are provided. Trained facilitators guide groups through all elements and down the zip line while always maintaining safety standards.

Why should you do it?

Our high ropes course is an exhilarating experience where the "‘perceived risk" is much greater than the “actual risk."  Participants are always on belay and in safety gear, however they still have to cope with very real self-imposed limits. The high ropes course is a chance for participants to stretch their comfort zones and push themselves past those limits while still in a physically, mentally and emotionally safe environment. Facilitators encourage participants to set goals prior to attempting the course and help see those goals through to completion. Participants are also encouraged to support each other in achieving those goals.

For specific details on pricing please contact Erik Oberg at 618/453-3945 or by email at eriko@siu.edu.  

Here's a video of Touch of Nature's High Ropes Course.