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What is it?

Underway Adventures offers top-rope rock climbing on the incredible sandstone bluffs of Southern Illinois. Participants will be taken out to beautiful natural areas throughout Southern Illinois where trained facilitators will have set up different routes prior to their arrival. Participants will be outfitted in all necessary safety gear – helmets and harnesses are provided. Groups have the opportunity to climb multiple routes throughout their scheduled time while always safely on belay.

Rappelling is the controlled ascent moving down a vertical rock face or steep slope by sliding down a rope using a friction safety device.

Why should you do it?

Rock climbing and rappelling give participants the opportunity to push themselves past their limits while closely interacting with nature. Our trained facilitators maintain safety standards at all times and help groups reach their goals while having fun. Climbers are encouraged to set goals before attempting climbs and are able to achieve those goals in a safe environment – both physically, mentally and emotionally safe.  Groups also get to experience the beauty of Southern Illinois from a completely different perspective – some may call it a bird’s-eye view.

For specific details on pricing please contact Erik Oberg at 618/453-3945 or by email at