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arts and craftsOur TR Program will provide the equipment, great food, well-planned itineraries, and educated experienced staff. We are proud to have such a committed and motivated group of professionals working as a team to make this program a quality experience you will never forget.

Program activities are selected in response to the specialized needs of each individual or group to: provide a challenge appropriate for the participant's mental and physical capabilities, emphasize the participant's abilities rather than limitations, promote cooperation, build confidence, increase independence, and of course have fun.

We seek to provide opportunities for each camper to discover new ways of relating to others and to the environment. We seek also to assist people in developing positive attitudes and feelings toward themselves and their individual potential.

Camping is a unique experience that provides participants with opportunities to:

  • Have fun!
  • Develop abilities that promote independence.
  • Develop healthy attitudes and self-esteem.
  • Enjoy activities unique to camping.
  • Learn recreational skills that can become lifetime leisure pursuits.
  • Develop an awareness of oneself in relation to peers.
  • Develop a heightened respect and appreciation of the natural environment and an understanding of our relationship to it.
  • Improve physical fitness and endurance.

To see a full description of our facilities and activities, click HERE.

For more information about Touch of Nature’s Therapeutic Recreation Program, contact Vicki Lang-Mendenhall at or call 618/453-1121.