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after a trip on the cache river

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What is Veteran Adventures?

Veteran Adventures is a program designed to help ease the transition from military life to civilian life for veterans and current military personnel.  Through powerful outdoor expeditions and events, we aim to accomplish the following:

  • Present challenging and adventurous opportunities to strengthen bonds.
  • Provide community building.
  • Foster a healthier veteran population.
  • Provide alternatives for mental health assistance without the stigma of traditional mental health avenues.
  • Show support and gratitude for the sacrifice our servicemen have made.
Veteran Adventures strives to offer expeditions and events free of charge to veteran participants, and the program is currently funded solely through fundraising efforts and your donations.  Your support is paramount! Donate Here

Who can participate in Veteran Adventures?

Veteran Adventures is open to all veterans, military personnel, and members of the National Guard, the Reserves and the Registered Officers' Training Corps (ROTC).     

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