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Starting Fall 2019, Veteran Adventures will partner with Dr. Shintaro Kono (SIU Assistant Professor) to research the effects shared outdoor experiences have on Veterans.  Dr. Kono's main research interest has been on the question of how leisure and recreation experiences can enhance people's quality of life.  For more on Dr. Kono's research click here.   

At Veteran Adventures we believe that through camaraderie, shared experiences, and support, veterans can obtain the skills necessary to navigate and overcome obstacles often encountered by those transitioning from the service. 

Take a look below at what some Veteran Adventure participants have shared with us and how it has impacted them...

Veterans Backpacking
"Having a knee disability I doubted my abilities more than once before and even during some points of the trip. But I was met with encouragement, motivation, team work and folks who really cared about helping each other out when they can and wanted all of us to finish together. It was refreshing to say the least. 
I conclude with these three attributes which best represent my outlook on the Veterans Adventures experience. Uplifting, inspiring and best of all, restorative." -Ryan Green (USAF 9th BS Veteran)
"I had an amazing time on the trip and wanted to thank Veteran Adventures for putting it all together for us.  I really appreciate all of the planning and effort you put in to make it a memorable trip.  I look forward to anything we do together in the future and hopefully we can encourage some more folks to join in." -Brandon (Veteran)
Press play to see how Mathew Templeton (Veteran) and his family enjoyed the Veteran Adventures Independence Day Celebration.  For full video click here: Firework-Free Independence Day Celebration