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When Calling 911 is not an Option

Experience the highest quality wilderness medical training available.  All students successfully completing this 72-hour course will receive a three-year certification from Wilderness Medical Associates.  Topics include patient assessment, body systems, equipment improvisation, trauma, environmental medicine, toxins, back country medicine, wilderness rescue and much more.

Be prepared for a lot of time spent outside. Plan according to the region and time of year.  Participants will sign up directly with Darren Stokes, the instructor.  Once registered, participants will get an email referring them to Touch of Nature to get food/lodging arranged.

Date: October 12-18, 2020

Fee: $750

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Food and Lodging Selection

Meals and lodging packages for the course are separate from the course registrations. 


For more information on the program, visit Wilderness Medical Associates.

For general information, please contact Erik Oberg at 618-453-3945 or eriko@siu.edu.