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We are constantly working to improve our facilities and spaces at Touch of Nature. Our current and future  improvement projects include installing an adaptive swing set, improving and beautifying our administration office, and creating a new welcome plaza. Your support can help make these improvements happen.


TON Adaptive Swing Set

A new feature at Touch of Nature

Studies have shown, with great success, that swinging can have great therapeutic benefits. The back and forth motion of swings can help soothe and calm a person, help improve mood, and helps with balance and coordination skills. It is our goal to provide a safe and fun atmosphere where campers of all abilities can enjoy the simple pleasures in life without worrying about limitations.

This particular set will include a wheelchair accessible platform swing, an adult full-backed harness swing, as well as common belt swing seats. These inclusive features mean anyone, no matter their ability or disability, will have an opportunity to utilize and experience the swings.

This project has been fully funded and is expected to be implemented soon.