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Touch of Nature Buffalo Tro on November 22, 2024

The annual Touch of Nature Buffalo Tro is returning on November 22nd, 2024 at Touch of Nature Outdoor Education Center. Those attending the Tro can expect a fun night of good food, local beer and wine, and a chance to support Touch of Nature. The meal features a steak cooked over hot, stacked hardwood with a baked potato, salad, rolls, and dessert. 

Tickets are $50 each or $375 for a table that seats 8. Each ticket includes 1 entrée and 2 glasses of wine. Tickets for the Touch of Nature Buffalo Tro will be available soon. For more information or to learn more, call 618-453-1122.

The History Behind the Buffalo Tro

At Touch of Nature, the Buffalo Tro stands as a cherished tradition, brought to the organization by LB Sharp, a pioneer in outdoor education. This heartfelt tradition involves the cooking of steaks over hot coals and storytelling around a fire, not only as a tribute to Sharp's legacy but also as a powerful catalyst for fostering a deep sense of community and identity among participants. The Buffalo Tro, with its unique blend of culinary and storytelling elements, becomes a sacred ritual that transcends the immediate experience, connecting present participants to the profound heritage of outdoor education at Touch of Nature.