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Touch of Nature Team Building

Touch of Nature’s teambuilding program provides a powerful leadership and team-building experience designed to maximize individual and team potential. Adaptable to groups of all ages, our courses provide opportunities for your group to explore and improve group dynamics, while building camaraderie.

Our facilitators will work with you to develop a unique plan tailored to the needs of your group. Options include team icebreakers, trust building activities, and group problem solving initiatives that can be done at your location or at Touch of Nature. For groups traveling to Touch of Nature, our Low Ropes Challenge course is comprised of a series of physical and mental challenges focused on group decision making, communication, trust and cooperation.

Our High Adventure Course offers teams an opportunity to push past their individual comfort zones and realize their hidden potential as they maneuver the various elements at upwards of 40 ft. Additionally, our Zip-line is one of a kind and takes you souring through the forest over 300 feet.

To find out more information or register for any of our trainings or workshops, email ton@siu,edu.

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Ground initiatives

Ground Based Initiatives 

Ground Based Initiatives are teambuilding challenges that focus more on planning, problem solving, and creative thinking – rather than physical ability.

Low Challenge course

Low Challenge Course

Our Team Building and Development staff provide innovative team building and leadership development programs by using our Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT)  inspected/approved team building course. 

Women participating in Touch of Nature's High Ropes Course

High Challenge Courses

For more adventurous groups, we offer exciting activities that challenge individuals by pushing them out of their comfort zone, while encouraging trust and teamwork.

High Ropes Course

At three stories tall, our high ropes course is a series of obstacles that stretch between telephone poles securely anchored to the ground, including our zip-line. The high ropes course is a chance for participants to stretch their comfort zones and push themselves past those limits while still in a physically, mentally and emotionally safe environment. 

Leap of Faith

Our Leap of Faith is a 30 foot tall telephone pole with a big red ball dangling 8 feet away from the top of the pole. Participants will ascend to the top of the pole, in hopes to stand on the very top and jump out and hit the ball. The Leap of Faith is a great activity for all ages, and is an incredible way for groups to build self-confidence and trust while setting goals that challenge each participant physically, emotionally and socially.

Milk Crate Climbing

Milk Crate Climbing is a great activity for all ages. The objective is to stack as many upside-down plastic milk crates as possible and use this stack to ascend as high as possible. Milk Crate Climbing is a fun and great way to build confidence, physical fitness, concentration and trust, as well as improve problem-solving techniques and awareness- all in a safe learning environment. 

Portable Climbing Wall

Our portable climbing wall is 30 feet tall and made of fiberglass and plastic material to resemble and feel like real rock. The wall includes lots of holds and different routes for easy navigation for beginners and more challenging options for advanced climbers. Our trained staff will set up the wall, provide safety equipment and belay all participants.